Age of Conan tips & tricks

There is a lot to talk about helpful tips for Age of Conan. Some can improve your gaming experience rapidly, some can only a little, but most of them can be valuable either way.


-> The fastest way to travel is by dying and spawning at a resurrection point. The death penalty is negligible. It’s common way of traveling in many other MMORPG like Warhammer Online or World of Warcraft etc.

-> When climbing down a mountain, going backwards makes it less likely everyone will take fall damage. Of course, make sure your path is free of obvious drop-offs or rotate your camera before starting down.

-> To climb up a steep mountain or criss cross up the slope. This way negotiate steeper inclines on a diagonal. Note that some slopes are impassable, so don’t waste too much time on them.


User Interface
-> Right click on the map to add markers. This is a great way to keep track of resource locations.

-> F10 opens the options menu.

-> 2 additional hotbars can be enabled in Options/Interface Options/HUD. I don’t need to tell you how important this is.

-> Type /cc addbuddy name to add people to your friend list. This way you can always find someone helpful and someone who can travel with you.

-> /camp or /quit and wait 30 seconds to get to the login window.

-> Helmets can be hidden from view in Interface Options/Basic.

-> The timer bars can be moved. Check out „show timer bar” under Interface Options/Advanced. After that drag the timer bars to your desired place.

-> Tells can be sent to offline characters, but you won’t lost them.

-> Type /e then hit tab twice to get a popup list of all the emotes.

-> Change the background transparency of the chat windows to make the text clear.

-> For skills, hover your mouse over the name of a skill to see how you can quickly allocate points and respec.


-> Hold down X to use active block which is very effective. It can shield you from most of the incoming damage, but you can’t attack, cast or even move. Very good in groups if you aren’t a tank. It’s a better option that running away from the mob.

Tap twice W to get a 5s buff that increases the change of stunning your target – stamina.
Tap twice S to get a 2s buff that increases evade chances – stamina.
Tap twice A or D to get a 4s 10% immunity to magic sta.

-> Turn off ‘Enable target autofacing’ to make it simplier for melee to hit multiple targets. Interface Options/Basic/Targeting.

-> Potions and food are cheap and essential during your Age of Conan adventures. Make sure you are always well stocked.
When rolling on loot, try to be mindful of your party members and don’t roll need on items that are obviously for another class. It’s important in most MMORPG out there.

-> If your group gets an add, do not change targets unless you are a tank or have CC abilities.

-> If you are not a tank, but you keep getting aggro, slow down whatever you are doing. This way you will surivive longer.


-> If you close the reward dialog box, you are automatically given additional chances to accept the reward, usually the next time you zone.

-> If you are having trouble finishing a quest because there are too many people or the respawn timer is too long, first – switch instances. If you can’t do it, consider trying the quest in elite mode which is good way to earn more experience and items. Many elite mobs have a much bigger health pool, but don’t hit much harder.

-> Every player can easily return to Tortage by talking to the NPC labeled „Tortage Smuggler” at the starting location for your race (Old Tarantia/Khemi/Conarch Village). Everyone should do this at least once.